Astra Theme


Astra Theme

April 12, 2018

1/9 – Setup with Astra Pro

  • Plugin- Astra Hooks
  • Plugin- Custom Typekit Fonts by Brainstorm Force
  • Plugin- Custom Fonts by Brainstorm Force

2/9 – Setup Headers with Astra 

3/9 – Astra Sites

Portfolio Grid

Custom fonts


Online Course LMS Theme

Add Custom Fonts to Elementor

Plugin – Advanced Reset WP by 3y3ik


MailChimp Groups

October 15, 2018

  • Campaign > Choose the campaign
  • Replicate 
  • Edit Recipients > Segment or Tag > Group or New Segment
  • New Segment > Contacts match [all] of the following conditions:
    • Campaign Activity + did not open + the Sent Campign

October 12, 2018

Merge Lists:

  • Go to the List 
  • Click the email(s) 
  • Actions > Copy to list
  • or Actions > Move to list

Add a field to a list:

  • Go to Lists
  • Dropdown next to Stats
  • Click <Settings>
  • Choose List fields and *|MERGE|* tags

April 11, 2018

MailChimp Help

Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms

April 6, 2018

做捐款或是Booking都要用到的Gravity Forms.

  • Notes:  1. Stripe Add-on

Setup the Form

  • From Advanced Fields – Add Name, Email, Address, etc
  • From Pricing Fields – Add Product
  • From Pricing Fields – Add a Credit Card
  • Save the form
  • Setup Stripe

Setup Stripe

  • Connect the Stripe Add-On to the Stripe account via the Stripe’s API
  • Go WP Datashboard > Forms > Settings > Stripe
  • Enter Test or Live Secret Key and Publishable Key for the Stripe account
  • Enable Webhooks 
  • Setup Stripe Feeds

Setup Stripe Feeds

  • WP Datashboard > Forms > Select the form > Settings  > Stripe
  • Name each Stripe Feed
  • Select the Stripe Transaction Type: either Products and Services or Subscription
About the Credit Card Field
  • The Credit Card Field is in the Pricing Fields
  • This field doesn’t actually store the Credit Card data, neither our site , server or database. The payment gateway, Stipe Add-On does.
  • If the page is unsecured, the Credit Card Field will be highlighted with a red warning.  However, with a valid SSL certificate, the warning won’t be displayed.

Stripe Subscription Cancellations

  • The only way to cancel a Stripe Subscription is thru WordPress Dashboard or the Stripe admin.

Stripe Add-On Hooks:

Add-On Framework Hooks: the Stripe Add-On is built using the Add-on Framework.


Revolution Slider Tutorials – Ken Burns


Revolution Slider Tutorials - Ken Burns

April 5, 2018

Muhammad Qasim – 2017.03.19

Scale: (in %) From 150 to 100, Don’t use % less than 100

2 . WP Tuts – 2016.02.17


3.   Elegant Marketplace – 2016.1.13

Import Demo – Classic Carousel Slider, delete other sliders only leave Ken Burner slide

  • Minimum 3000 px wide (upto 5000 px) and very high quality image
  • 3個觀念要懂的:
    1. Scale (%) From ___ To ___
    2. Horizontal Offset (px) From ____ To ____ (以中心點用正負px來設定起點和終點)
    3. Vertical Offset (px) From ____ To ____ (以中心點用正負px來設定起點和終點)

SEO Tools

SEO Tools

April 1st, 2018


1. WP Crafter


2. Neil Patel

I like his 3 powerful SEO Tips:

  • Make your content thorough
  • Make sure to have keywords in SEO Title and Meta Description
  • Use Google Search Console


7 Free Tools in Google SEO

  1. Quick Sprout Analyzer
  2. Yoast SEO Plugin
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Google Trends
  6. Screaming Frog
  7. Google PageSpeed Insights

3. Neil Patel – 10 Outdated (But Commonly Used) Social Media Tactics You Need to Ditch

Read the Blog here –>

My Notes:

  1. Links, links and more links
  2. Same content, different platforms
  3. Writing about what you want
  4. Black hat social media tactics
  5. Following to be followed
  6. Impersonal automated “thank you” messages
  7. Giving out all the goodies at once
  8. Throwing a sales pitch at your audience
  9. Thinking organic traffic will make you rich
  10. Only publishing text and image-based content

Social Listening Tools:

  1. Mention:
  2. IFTTT:
  3. Hootsuite:
  4. Keyhole:

TweetReach: How far do your tweets travel? (hashtag, username or keyword)

#1: How to write something awesome? [RELEVANT]

  1. Be honest
  2. Write something informative, interesting, and relevant to the audience.  Engage with commenters.
  3. Experience is key.  
  4. A little you, a lot of them. Ex: EF

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