Multilingual Plugin – WPML

Multilingual Plugin - WPML

October 19, 2018



Translating Images with Media Translation

10/19 WPML TicketAfter updating from WPML Multilingual CMS 3.9.4 to 4.0.7, the images on the translated French page won’t show, but you can still see the images on the backend. Please see attached 3 screen shots.

WPML Ticket - Images shown on backend
Images shown on the backend – translated page
WPML Ticket - Images not shown on frontend - translated page
Images not shown on frontend – translated page
Images shown on the original page
Images shown on the original page

10/22 WPML Reply

Are you using the WPML Media Translator?

We’ve released a new version of WPML and extensions. Please update all to the lastest versions. You can download here:

After that, please go to WPML > Settings > Post Types Translation and check if the “Media (attachment)” post type is set as “Translatable – only show translated items”. Then scroll down to Media Translation apply the settings for the future media and run the scan for the existing content.

10/22 Steps:

When you need to show images with content that you translated using WPML’s Translation Management, you should never edit that content manually using the WordPress “post editor.” If you do, your edits will be lost the next time you update this content using Translation Management.

WPML Media Translation

有時真是蠻挫折的,一整早上找一個以前不曾是問題的問題答案,還是找不到,只好再寄一次求救信。10/22 12:27pm


Web Hosting: SiteGround (cPanel)


October 18, 2018

How to delete a subdomain site?

Step 1: Delete the WordPress installation (This will delete all the files, database, and database user.


  • Autoinstallers
  • Softaculous
  • Choose <All Installations> button (looks like a wooden box)
  • Click the red REMOVE (X) button
  • Click Remove Installation to delete all the files, database and database user.

Step 2: Delete the folders from File Manger

Step 3: Delete the Subdomain

It will still stay in My Account for 24 hours.


March 23, 2018

How to create a subdomain in cPanel?

  1. cPanel > DOMAINS > Subdomains
    • Create a Subdomain >
    • Subdomain:
    • Document Root: /public_html/xxxxx
    • Create
    • URL: 403 Forbidden Error
  2. cPanel > SECURITY >Let’s Encrypt 
    • Install new Let’s Encrypt Certificate > Domain: >
    • Let’s Encrypt SSL Type: Let’s Encrypt SSL
    • Install
    • Successfully Installed SSL <OK>
    • Under Select an Action >
      • HTTPS Enforce [on]
      • External Links Rewrite [on]
      • OK
    • URL: still shown 403 Forbidden Error, but got https padlock
  3. cPanel > AUTOINSTALLERS/WordPress or WORDPRESS TOOLS/WordPress Installer (Version 4.9.8)
    • Install Now
    • Choose Protocol: https://
    • Choose Domain: >
    • Site Settings:
      • Site Name: xxxxx
      • Site Description: xxxxx
    • Admin Account: 
      • Amin Username: xxxxx
      • Admin Password: xxxxx
      • Admin Email: xxxxx 
    • Install
    • Installed Successfully
  4. ddddd

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

November 9, 2019

Coming here made me just realize that I’ve started GTM a year ago.  The goal of toady….Complete Google Analytics Academy – Google Tag Manager course.  GoGoGo…

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Managing multiple analytics and marketing tags for your site can be a challenge. Redundant or incorrect tags can distort data measurement and reduce your site performance. In this self-paced course, you’ll learn how Google Tag Manager can simplify the tag implementation and management process for marketers, analysts, and developers.
  • Unit 1: Starting out with Google Tag Manager (10:00am – 11:33am)
    1. Lesson 1: Course Introduction (2:37)
    2. Lesson 2: Start with a measurement plan (Article)
    3. Lesson 3: Develop a tag implementation strategy  (2:07)
      • Decide which of your existing site tags you can move into Tag Manager.  Migrate all if possible
      • Decide what static and dynamic values you’ll want to pass from your websit
      • Choose which tags can collect the data you need
    4. Lesson 4: Tag Manager overview  (3:51)
      • To begin using GTM, a Container Snippet  (JavaScript code) will need to place on each page of the website
      • Each Tag Manager account has at least one container.
      • A Tag Manager Container includes the tags and triggers.
      • A trigger determine which tag should fire or collect data.
      • There are three parts in a trigger: Variables, Operators, & Values


  • deploy: arrange, allocate, mix, blend 配置,調配,部署

October 17, 2018


Google Tag Manager Tutorial Part #1/5: Do you need tag management?

  • GTM is not neccessary if you are adding one tag only (i.e. just standard Google Analytics)
  • But you want to use advanced features in Google Analytics, then GTM can be your bff

Google Tag Manager Tutorial Part #2: How GTM Works


The Difference Between GMT and UTC

The Difference Between GMT and UTC

October 15, 2018

The Difference Between GMT and UTC

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is often interchanged or confused with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). But GMT is a time zone and UTC is a time standard.

Illustration image

The Royal Observatory in the UK.


Although GMT and UTC share the same current time in practice, there is a basic difference between the two:

  • GMT is a time zone officially used in some European and African countries. The time can be displayed using both the 24-hour format (0 – 24) or the 12-hour format (1 – 12 am/pm).
  • UTC is not a time zone, but a time standard that is the basis for civil time and time zones worldwide. This means that no country or territory officially uses UTC as a local time.

UTC, GMT and Daylight Saving Time

Neither UTC nor GMT ever change for Daylight Saving Time (DST). However, some of the countries that use GMT switch to different time zones during their DST period.

For example, the United Kingdom is not on GMT all year, it uses British Summer Time (BST), which is one hour ahead of GMT, during the summer months.

Useful Website Tools

Featured Image- Dominik Scythe

Treehouse: Web Design

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

Treehouse: Web Design

October 14, 2018

1/26/2017就開始Treehouse的課程,其中Web Design系列課程我都沒有完成1/4,如今課程都已更新過,我這種跳躍式的專注力,每天胡思亂想要如何上進,卻也從未完成一件事。今天再次提起勁來,重新來過。給自己一個目標,今年底完成Web Design系列課程,有做到,再想別的事!


Course 1: Introduction to HTML and CSS

October 14, 2018

  1. Getting Familiar with HTML and CSS
    • 滑鼠效應:讓圖轉起來 
    • header .profile-image:hover {
      transform: scale(2) rotate(360deg);
    • Web Development: Front End Development & Back End Development
  2. HTML: The Structural Foundation of Web Pages and Applications
  3. Make It Beautiful With CSS
  4. Adding a New Web Page
    • Text Editor:
    • Google basic web page: Anatomy ​ of an HTML document
    • <!DOCTYPE html>
          <meta charset="utf-8">
          <title>My test page</title>
          <img src="images/firefox-icon.png" alt="My test image">
    • Link Stylesheet: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”resume.css”>

Course 2: HTML Basics

October 15, 2018

  1. Getting Started with HTML
  2. Structuring Your Content
  3. Images, Text and Links
  4. Going Further with HTML


Opt-In Page

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash


October 13, 2018

Part 1: Build the basic page


  • Theme: Generate Press or Astra
  • Elementor Free or Pro
  • Popup Maker plugin
  • Email marketing provider:
    1. MailChimp (cheap but limited)
    2. ConvertKit
    3. Active Campaign
    4. drip (Dave’s favorite)

Part 2: Enhance it with Elementor


  • TypeKit Font: Elementor > Settings > Integrations > TypeKit > Enter TypeKit Kit ID
  •  SPAN tag: <span style=”color:#c0d322″>Green Color</span>
Ex: Let's try if the html code turn them to Green Color
  • html code for bold print: SEND ME MY FREE GUIDE

Part 3: Add the popup, form & thanks page

  1. Thank you page
  2. Popup Maker Plugin (Free) by WP Popup Maker
    • Need to copy CSS Class  
    • Create the Popup design in Elementor template (Page-Elementor Canvas)
    • Take Elementor template shortcode and paste in Popup Maker
  3. Opt-In Form Choices
    • Elementor Pro
    • Email Provider’s Embed Code
    • WordPress form plugin – Caldera Forms
    • Concert Pro
    • Convertbox

Part 4: Hook it up to your email provider

Website Template Ideas

October 2018

Featured Image - Timo Stern

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

October, 2018

聖經課 Bible Study

October 22, 2018

  • 禱告練習
  • 每日經文:[出版物 > 線上書庫] 10月22日星期一
  • 每日經文:你要把重擔卸給耶和華,他必扶持你。——詩55:22

乳房攝影篩檢 Mammogram

October 16, 2018


聖經課 Bible Study

October 15, 2018

  • 禱告練習
  • 任何房屋都有人建造,但建造萬物的就是上帝。來 3:4
  • 生物專利,大自然專利
  • Q: 我們可以和耶和華做朋友嗎?下次討論


October 7, 2018



Chilliwack Field Hockey

October 3, 2018






Joy of Baking的食譜影片總是百看不厭,再複習一次再做吧


筆記 09/30/18

Recipe from Joy of Baking

  • 烤10分鐘檢查是還沒完全好的,全程烤12分鐘。
  • 用了salted butter,沒用鹽也沒用糖,比較喜歡有點鹹味,下次考慮還是加鹽,年紀大重口味。
  • 可能麵糰揉得高度不夠均勻,導致成品一面倒,下次再揉均勻些。雖鬆軟好吃,但是看相不佳。 


筆記 10/07/18

Recipe from Joy of Baking

  • 這次全程烤10分鐘。
  • 用了salted butter,有用了鹽但還是沒用糖,感覺和沒加鹽是差不多的,以後還是不用鹽好了。
  • 這次麵糰有稍修飾後才切下,倒塌現象較好,但是還是不那麼美。 
  • 烤完時,Biscuit黏在Wax Paper上,也許下次直接放在Cookie Sheet不用Wax Paper看看。