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Google Analytics

Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash Google Analytics Reports September 12, 2019 Helpful Articles June 17, 2019 Must-Have Settings For Google Analytics Views by reflective data Google Ads and Google Analytics Auto Tagging Tutorial and Linked Accounts Loves Data – All Playlists June 16, 2019 From: Loves Data Analytics Essentials Course Google AdWords  Using Bidding Strategies …

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Google Tag Manager

Background Image: Confetti by Penelope Dullaghan Google Tag Manager November 9, 2019 Coming here made me just realize that I’ve started GTM a year ago.  The goal of toady….Complete Google Analytics Academy – Google Tag Manager course.  GoGoGo… Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Managing multiple analytics and marketing tags for your site can be a challenge. …

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Treehouse: Beginning Data Analysis

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash Treehouse: Beginning Data Analysis September 11, 2018 對數字我有不同的鍾愛,我記不住買這個東西要多少錢,那種數字,但是對數據會影響決定的數字是很感興趣的,從溫哥華工作一個月回來,對心裡那份自卑感更重,對自己沒有文筆,沒有設計美感,沒有創意,更沒有速度,好多挫敗。也許可以專注一點還有點興趣的東西,往數據分析和表格,好好努力吧!就從Treehouse的這系列課程開始吧! Course 1: Spreadsheet Basics September 11, 2018 Introducing Spreadsheets Getting Started With Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Functions & shortcuts Spreadsheet Best Practices Build a Spreadsheet 這些大部份都是已經知道的常識,很快複習一下。 Import csv to Google Sheet: File > Import > Upload > Import Location: Choose Append (附加/附上)to current sheet / Separate …

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Background Image: Flower Bucket by Eleanor Lutz MailChimp Groups October 15, 2018 Campaign > Choose the campaign Replicate  Edit Recipients > Segment or Tag > Group or New Segment New Segment > Contacts match [all] of the following conditions: Campaign Activity + did not open + the Sent Campign October 12, 2018 Merge …

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SEO Tools

Background Image: Flower Bucket by Eleanor Lutz SEO Tools April 1st, 2018 看了許多SEO的教學影片,來把它們收集在一起吧! 1. WP Crafter 這位大師建議的工具有: WordSteam (Free Keyword Tool) Keyword Tool AppSumo WebTextTool Yoast SEO (我已經有在用這個了) Backlinks 2. Neil Patel I like his 3 powerful SEO Tips: Make your content thorough Make sure to have keywords in SEO Title and Meta Description …

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Social Media Management

Photo: Midnight by Eleanor Lutz Social Media Management March 13, 2018 Angie Gensler YouTube   How to Use HootSuite and Feedly for Content Curation How to Use Buffer and Google Sheet to Schedule Social Media Post SocialBee Review – Evergreen Social Posting Automation Perfect MeetEdgar Alternative March 22, 2018 Silven Recruitment  We connect …

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