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Treehouse: Beginning Data Analysis

September 11, 2018


Course 1: Spreadsheet Basics

September 11, 2018

  1. Introducing Spreadsheets
  2. Getting Started With Spreadsheet
  3. Spreadsheet Functions & shortcuts
  4. Spreadsheet Best Practices
  5. Build a Spreadsheet


  • Import csv to Google Sheet: File > Import > Upload > Import Location: Choose Append (附加/附上)to current sheet / Separate Type: Choose Detect automatically

Course 2: Data Analysis Basics

September 23, 2018

  1. Introducing Data Analysis
    • Dataset: A collection of data
    • Cognitive bias 認知偏見
    • CSV: Comma Separated Values
  2. Getting to Know Your Data
    • Summarize Date: Maximum, Minimum, Range (=max(…..), =min(…..), Range=max-min)
    • Shortcut key: Command + Shit +DownArrow 全選以下全部
    • Summarize Dat: Mean, Median, Mode
    • Mean=Average: One problem with avrages is that they’re easily influenced by outliers (離群)”=mean(….)”
    • Median=the middle value in a data set “=median(….)”
    • Mode=the most frequent value in the data set “=mode(….)
    • Q: A classroom had the following distribution of grades: 30 As, 10 Bs, 8 Cs, and 2 Ds.  What was the median grades? A: A
    • Σ (Σ) Standard Deviation (標準偏差)”=stdev(….)”
  3. The Data Analysis Process