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Import Excel to Access

This tutorial maybe just what I need.  Three hours long.

  1. Comparing Access & Excel Screens 4:56
  2. Why You Need Access 7:06
  3. Compare Tables to Excel Sheets 13:08
  4. Add, Edit, Delete Table Records 19:45
  5. Sorting Records
  6. Basic Table Filters
  7. Create a Table with Primary Key
  8. Add More Fields
  9. Numeric Fields
  10. Modify Table Design
  11. Intro to Access Reports
  12. Using the Report Wizard
  13. Report Controls
  14. Modify Reports and Select Controls
  15. Using the Properties Box
  16. Select Queries / Sorting
  17. Using Criteria in Queries: AND/OR
  18. Using Criteria in Queries: Wildcard
  19. Formulas in Query Criteria
  20. Calculations in Select Queries
  21. Typical Excel Import Problem
  22. Combining Data First
  23. Planning Database Best Practices
  24. Preview of Forms

12.22.17 2:33am

1.Comparing Access and Excel Screens:
2. Why You Need Access

Don’t want to spreadsheet slave