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Seven Special Halloween Website Design Tricks and Treats from Elementor

Photo Credit: Elementor Blog  Seven Special Halloween Website Design Tricks and Treats from Elementor October 31, 2018 Elementor 萬聖節送這個禮物,一定要收下,好好學起來喔! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=749&v=OpuZ3i39fXE Elementor Blog 1 –> Click hereElementor Blog 2 –> Click here Rain background video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1GTZ6JSSFk    

Treehouse: Web Design

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash Treehouse: Web Design October 14, 2018 1/26/2017就開始Treehouse的課程,其中Web Design系列課程我都沒有完成1/4,如今課程都已更新過,我這種跳躍式的專注力,每天胡思亂想要如何上進,卻也從未完成一件事。今天再次提起勁來,重新來過。給自己一個目標,今年底完成Web Design系列課程,有做到,再想別的事!   Course 1: Introduction to HTML and CSS October 14, 2018 Getting Familiar with HTML and CSS 滑鼠效應:讓圖轉起來  header .profile-image:hover {transform: scale(2) rotate(360deg);}  Web Development: Front End Development & Back End Development Blog:Frontend vs Backend https://blog.teamtreehouse.com/i-dont-speak-your-language-frontend-vs-backend Front End: Design (Photoshop) + Development (HTML, CSS, …

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Opt-In Page

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash Opt-In October 13, 2018 https://youtu.be/zZs0Otk9Szc Part 1: Build the basic page Tools: Theme: Generate Press or Astra Elementor Free or Pro Popup Maker plugin Email marketing provider: MailChimp (cheap but limited) ConvertKit Active Campaign drip (Dave’s favorite) https://youtu.be/6uizG99RIsI Part 2: Enhance it with Elementor TYPOGRAPHY: TypeKit Font: Elementor > Settings > Integrations …

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Website Template Ideas

Background Image: Flower Bucket by Eleanor Lutz Website Template Ideas October 13, 2018 Free Soccer Club Layout for Divi https://www.elegantthemes.com/layouts/health-fitness/soccer-club-home-page/live-demo  March 25, 2018 今天發現這個網站 Wellness Mama https://wellnessmama.com/ 這個網站用的設備值得我進一步研究的:Spears Marketing https://spearsmarketing.com/wm 朋友選擇到台灣渡假,這個網站功勞很大:https://guide.michelin.com/tw/en/taipei/news-and-views/taipei-michelin-guide-bib-2018/news

Revolution Slider Tutorials – Ken Burns

米蠍屋筆記 Background Image: Flower Bucket by Eleanor Lutz Revolution Slider Tutorials – Ken Burns April 5, 2018 1  Muhammad Qasim – 2017.03.19 https://youtu.be/dHH9FXqsqjk Scale: (in %) From 150 to 100, Don’t use % less than 100 2 . WP Tuts – 2016.02.17 https://youtu.be/5_fxLkTL65c 這位老師解釋的很清楚,多看幾次! 3.   Elegant Marketplace – 2016.1.13 https://youtu.be/vsH1vLxF_ic Import Demo – Classic Carousel Slider, …

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Privacy Terms

Background Image: Flower Bucket by Eleanor Lutz Privacy Terms April 2, 2018 非常木蘭:值得探索的一個人和網站喔!http://www.verymulan.com/隱私權政策:http://www.verymulan.com/info/privacy網站服務條款:http://www.verymulan.com/info/service

SEO Tools

Background Image: Flower Bucket by Eleanor Lutz SEO Tools April 1st, 2018 看了許多SEO的教學影片,來把它們收集在一起吧! 1. WP Crafter https://youtu.be/Ghf9vS8awhU 這位大師建議的工具有: WordSteam https://www.wordstream.com/keywords (Free Keyword Tool) Keyword Tool https://keywordtool.io/ AppSumo WebTextTool https://appsumo.com/webtexttool-2018/?utm_source=aff&utm_medium=idev&utm_campaign=573 Yoast SEO (我已經有在用這個了) Backlinks 2. Neil Patel https://youtu.be/gmB_TC92I8w I like his 3 powerful SEO Tips: Make your content thorough Make sure to have keywords in SEO Title and Meta Description …

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Elementor 2.0 is Coming Soon

Photo: Midnight by Eleanor Lutz Elementor 2.0 is coming soon WPCrafter https://youtu.be/_POqbYPieDA Darrel Wilson https://youtu.be/E48DiDgzHVA Blocks = Templates Elementor 2.0 will come out in March 2018 (soon) Customize 404 pages WooCommerce shops Advanced Custom Fields WooCommerce theme – Flatsome Other Elementor Tutorials May 22, 2018 https://youtu.be/xZWmRRBmc90


Photo: Silverton Lookout, BC How to Use Z-Index in Elementor X軸:左右Y軸:上下Z軸:前後 讀這篇說明:https://docs.elementor.com/article/242-z-index 試做看看: Z-Index 1 Z-Index 2 Z-Index 3 Z-Index 4 在 Column Settings > Advanced裡,利用正負Margin及Z-index來做出立體前後的效果.