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October 19, 2018



Translating Images with Media Translation

10/19 WPML TicketAfter updating from WPML Multilingual CMS 3.9.4 to 4.0.7, the images on the translated French page won’t show, but you can still see the images on the backend. Please see attached 3 screen shots.

WPML Ticket - Images shown on backend
Images shown on the backend – translated page
WPML Ticket - Images not shown on frontend - translated page
Images not shown on frontend – translated page
Images shown on the original page
Images shown on the original page

10/22 WPML Reply

Are you using the WPML Media Translator?

We’ve released a new version of WPML and extensions. Please update all to the lastest versions. You can download here:

After that, please go to WPML > Settings > Post Types Translation and check if the “Media (attachment)” post type is set as “Translatable – only show translated items”. Then scroll down to Media Translation apply the settings for the future media and run the scan for the existing content.

10/22 Steps:

When you need to show images with content that you translated using WPML’s Translation Management, you should never edit that content manually using the WordPress “post editor.” If you do, your edits will be lost the next time you update this content using Translation Management.

WPML Media Translation

有時真是蠻挫折的,一整早上找一個以前不曾是問題的問題答案,還是找不到,只好再寄一次求救信。10/22 12:27pm